Tobias Rade Evensen presenting Resulvit at the 2024 Oslo Legal Hackathon

Resulvit – Complaints Platform for Consumer Products

Created in just 24 hours during the Oslo Legal Hackathon, Resulvit shows how little innovation needs to be done to improve the user journey of a consumer complaining about a product. What is missing is a system that helps the user identify their rights, formulate their complaint, send the complaint, monitor the response of the complaint, and do appropriate next steps after recieving a response to a complaint. Today’s system ends with Forbrukerrådet giving you a complaint form. This new system follows the user to the very end.

Consumers don’t trust their sellers’ customer support representatives to protect their rights, so a middle man system is needed. If this idea sounds interesting to you, and you are willing to fund such a project, I know several of our team’s members would love to bring it to life. Contact me if you would like to fund this or other projects I am interested in, or if you would like to acquire some of the same expertise which helped create this concept in only 24 hours.

Resulvit by Alexandra Sidiropoulou, Charlotte McTavish, Darleen Langen, Kieran John Keenan, Mikkel Alvegg-Langhelle, Nelson Tan Tian and Tobias Rade Evensen


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